Whores on the corner

Check out the Slovakian whores working the corners in Catherine Street.  Do you see any cops?  No, because they’re all tied up following the Maccy-Ds and other scobey knackers.  And the ones left in the station are too busy running down to the Lobster Pot for the chips.

That means Catherine Street, right in the middle of the city, is now full of whores and pimps.  Isn’t that fucking lovely?

Not a word from the councillors either.  They’re too busy slagging the Rubber Bandits and stopping bus lanes going past their pubs.

Every house on the street is in flats now, full of tracker-knackers, their stupid birds in pyjama suits and their inbred fucking spawn that will turn into ten times worse knackers than their stupid fucking mothers and fathers.  You couldn’t call them parents.  It’s an insult to real parents.

I was a bit puzzled why they’re all in Catherine St and Cecil St until I remembered it’s only a short walk to the dole office, no matter how out  of your face you are, and you can leave the baby at home while you collect your free money to get a few cans and a few yokes.

It’s a great life being a wasted knacker.

Where are the cops?  Follow the doughnut crumbs.

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5 thoughts on “Whores on the corner

  1. The cops arrested a few lads there already. The fellas in the jeeps driving around and around are easy to spot, and even easier when they pick them ugly sperm bags up! I think the council are planning on putting in a petrol station there as the traffic has gone through the roof since the HIV infested track suiters arrived!
    Enjoy your ride you knackers and hopfully we will see you dead in a few years from AIDs!! Lovely… best part is it gets the spawn too, there is just no dowm side

  2. Here Here. It was bad enough before but the town is scary to walk around after 7 o clock. Keep telling it like it is!

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