Philip Collopy Shoots Himself

I’d normally be very upset to hear people laughing at somebody’s passing, but this time I agree with all those people who think it’s hysterically funny.  A violent, murdering knacker is showing other drunken thugs how to kill someone with a Glock pistol, points it at his own head, pulls the trigger and blows his own head off, while another knacker is taking a video of it on his mobile phone.

There’s something nicely poetic about that.

This is how to kill someone lads.  Bang!

Collopy, like all his family, was a scumbag.  He was a drug dealer who used his own drugs and he was so bad on the drugs that I hear he had started to put cocaine in his tea instead of sugar.   He was no loss.  The Collopys are a bunch of stupid, violent criminals

After Philip Collopy shot himself, all his knacker friends ran outside looking for the armed Guards to help them, and the police came into the house and gave him first aid while they called the ambulance.  I love the idea of the knackers calling the Guards for help with all their bravado gone.  They were shown up for the idiot lowlife scumbags they are, without a single intelligent idea between the whole lot of them.   I doubt if there was much first aid the Guards could have done for the scumbag.  A closed coffin is in order for this one.  I’d say he blew his brains out, but you’d be a long time looking for brains from this retarded fool.

Meanwhile, I hear that the young lad who was murdered in Moyross last week had the same stupid attitude as the rest of the knackers.  Somebody cut him open with a sword.  He was disembowelled, and yet when people came to help him, and the Guards asked him who did it, all he had to say was “I might be dying, but I’m not a rat”.  What hope have we when young lads have that attitude?  Places like Moyross and the Island Field are fucked because they have all been taken over by the same stupid knackers.  And now they are becoming a danger to the decent working people of Limerick, especially when the money runs out and people can’t afford to buy  their drugs any more.

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107 thoughts on “Philip Collopy Shoots Himself

  1. At his funeral he was dressed in army camouflage and his coffin draped with the Irish Flag. Shots were fired in his honour. There should be laws to avoid the abuse of the irish flag, we really need to tie citizenship in with societyship and learn to truly disown these scumbags. There are also times, sad to say, when funeral processions should be carpet bombed.

  2. who do you think you are calling him name ye tramps dont you dare ever talk about him again ok n R.I.P PHILIP YOUR DA BEST

  3. ya bastard u dont no who ur father is mind ur own buisness or u might find a bullet in ur head scum!

  4. i no very well who my father is and hes no knacker ye scum bags wait until 1 of da bois finds out whos callin him names ye tramps ye new nutin bout em e ws 1 of the nicest men we knew

  5. He had a gun, that makes him a toerag, he pint himself, that makes him a laughable spastic. What do you scumbags contribute? You all should demonstrate yisser mad gun skillz and put bullets in your heads. This country, our country has disowned you

  6. Answer the question! What do you wasters contribute? You want me to meet up with you? You asking me out? Find your dates somewhere else

  7. who ar u calling wasters ya wanker tell me who u are and see will u see da day after

  8. See the day after? Its bad enough imagining the morning after with you trying to spoon me. Or did mammy and daddy not teach you affection. Come to think of it, with your iq you were probably dropped on your head a lot. Who am i? I’m your daddy

  9. You two are gas. Yer like a couple of 12yr old boys on bebo pretending yer lesbians that ‘want to swap pics’. Cathal do you not realise they’re just parodying scummers and trying to wind you up? And cathal you just seem to be winding them up

  10. Gas all them F**kers. They don’t deserve to live at all, after all the terrorising they have done to innocent people in limerick over the past thirty years. Some of these f**kers leave limerick every summer and try and steal from us in other counties in ireland. I know some elderly people who meet them at the door when they call, with a shotgun on their arm. They don’t be long running then! God bless Padraig Nally, he rid the city of galway of one of it’s biggest cunts on earth! The only comfort for me is they will Inbreed themselves into oblivion, that they will eventually all die off. Keep fighting these scumbags! I know the good hardworking people of limerick can do it!

  11. Anybody Know Since this Cunt Done Himself In if His Caravan is up for sell. Knowing his reputation its bound to kitted out with best Gear!
    I’m not talking about the usual Nacker shit. He’s gotta have a plasma TV and big Stereo. Its all for a good cause i,m sure their gonna need plenty of cash for the 9 Foot Marble Headstone Shaped like a Gun!

  12. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    shooting himself in the head was too good for him the scumbag

  13. Pity Phillip Collopy wasn’t showing them how to use a grenade instead of a pistol. Then we would of had 6 dead knackers!

    Disgrace that the tricolour was used over his coffin. These cunts are enemies of the state. 2 generations of my family lost their lives to give me the freedom I enjoy in Ireland. Scumbag’s like that Collopy yoke destroy what generations of true Irishmen fought for.

  14. What’s your point about Limerick people? The Collopys and families like them are not part of our community. They’re a bunch of knackers who have no respect for Limerick or for anywhere else, except maybe certain parts of Dublin where their criminal pals live.

  15. u have sum cheek that boy that got killed out in moyross dintent say that ok and ju c that philip collopy its the right job 4 him ya fck the ilsand field rats ok

  16. none of ye av the right 2 call knackers 9out of 10 families av sum kind of traveller blood in them
    that boy might have been a ganster but he is still a son of god like the rest of us may he rest in peace

  17. thy shall not judge nobody were not all prefect and ye who are callin the dead names will BURN IN HELL
    may the souls and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace amen.

  18. Holy Man he wasn’t a son of God when he was out killing people, terrorising them and shooting dogs. Oh yeah, he was supposed to be an animal lover, ya right. God hardly has room for scumbags like him, I doubt very much he’ll be repenting his sins. What he got, he deserved, self inflicted. What goes around, comes around…..

  19. j.j nobody deserves 2 die
    jesus was nailed on a cross 2 die 4 our sins he died 4 us
    god 4gives us all and he loves each and every 1 of us
    and yes he was and still a son af god

  20. ha ha ha ha the job for him. there all fucking slow bastards and they all look like someone bate there faces with a frying pan when they were born.

  21. Big martin has more to say ireland the country i love is fuct! i’m from the north but i’m not a republican people are people but these folk from limerick are sub human where doe’s humanity belong i think all the persons who made comments about this low life need too ask ‘questions;about their own life! it’s ok to point the finger but not to take responsibilitiy for own lives. we can’t keep blaming others! complicity take responsibility

  22. we all need to take responsibility if there is any true irish men in this country these so called people who are fighting for our freedom need to take these cunts out first.! are you irish petriots or just arseholes.?

  23. get a fucking life mate. we have to live we the shower of ass holes. you on the other hand just have to read about them.

  24. it time too stand up and be counted.! We’re more then a few corrupt politicans whats the irish government about anyway? its the only family run government in the world outside africa! theirs more able people in our community not these muppets!

  25. that all i here from arsehole down south that didn’t see bomb going off outside their front door. but still sing about good old ireland. we’re the only race that has put terrorism to music!

  26. Heston — Have a bit of patience. Not everyone can sit in front of a computer all day.

    I’ll tell you what, if you think you can do a better job, why don’t you set up a blog of your own instead of telling other people what to say?

  27. According to crime correspondent Paul Williams, the gun salute at collopy’s funeral was done by C.I.R.A. What the F**k is that all about????

  28. i didn’t say that i agreed with paramilitaries our country deserves better, its a perversion of irish culture. we’re more than all that nasty shit. the government is doing little to steer peoples mind away from all that. their more concerned with bleeding the country dry than taking care of the real issues. people should have a say. not sit back and let watch things fall apart around them.

  29. ye dont have a clue wat yer talkin about ye retards, im a working class, sports person who was in the company of phillip collopy a few times n to be honest i dont have a bad word to say, if hes a killer he killed in revenge for deaths to his family, i bet none of ye know any1 involved in this feud, i do n the majority of them r nice people who just were not blessed with brains and were not brought up in decent surroundings, ye shud be ashamed talking about the dead like that, these things come back to haunt u and u never know next week u might kill someone drunk driving, if u think about it theres not much in the difference

  30. O your a working class sports person oooooooooooooo how very nice. Do u have kids? if u do. Do you worry about them becoming a junkie if so wake fucking up cus these are the people that are destorying are teenagers lifes.

  31. lady gaga
    u mind ur buisness and try not to get involved
    if ur kids turn out junkies thats there fucking mistake
    haave sum respect for the dead

  32. its-me, you are the same person as holy man. Why do you use different names? Do you think nobody will notice?

    If your kids turn out junkies, it’s because a drug-dealing scumbag supplied the heroin.

  33. if yer kids turn out junkies its there own fault if if it worries you so much u should take control n keep them from hanging around with junkies dont tell me its not as easy as that cause it is, no matter the situation is n whos involved there should always be respect shown to the dead, lady gaga these people make there money crime related activities but its a select few who they wud deal with personally its the penny boys who dont care who they sell stuff to, anything for a few pound and a tough namw to follow even thou 1 on 1 they wudnt be worth a slap, phillip n a few other big names around limerick were ok but dont get me wrong there are the scum of they earth wondering our streets n most of them deserve to be put down

  34. Limerickboy, let me see if I understand what you’re saying.

    If the kids become junkies, it’s their own fault.

    If their parents don’t keep them away from the junkies, it’s the parents’ fault.

    If the penny boys sell stuff to the kids, it’s their fault and they’re the scum of the earth.

    On the other hand, the man who brought in all that heroin is a good guy because it’s all right to fill the city with heroin.

    Is that your point?


  36. I am in Limerick myself, I have never met Mr. Collopy so i can’t comment. I had a brief conversation with his brother though. Nice guy. More jewelry than Mr. T. It’s all good though. PLEASE can the following people learn how to spell and how to use proper grammar and punctuation accordingly:, gary ward, limerickboy. Learn how to spell before you come onto a blog and try to get your opinion across. Know the difference between too/to/two and they’re/their/there and your/you’re. It’s very annoying trying to read something written by, what looks like, children.


    P.S. Dont’t write back with abusive comments. Just go and learn your ABC’s.

  37. If you’re involved in that type of scumbag criminality and waste your life like that (while destroying other lives), you deserve no respect, alive or dead. If I was bothered to find his grave, I’d piss on it
    Its-me?, limerickboy, limerickgirl and gary ward, you have my pity, you must have been dragged up if you respect that scum. And if you behave like him, you have my disrespect

  38. i cant spell ur a sad miserable prick, i bet u had to get out ur fallons dictionary to post those corrections u had to point out, its no essay we r writting ere.

  39. fuck ye scumbags ye dirty tramps ye cant afford to talk bout any one bt yerself

  40. Go on then Gary. Tell us all the good things the Collopys did for Limerick.

    I’ll make it easier for you. Tell us one good thing the Collopys did for Limerick.

  41. Nice one Mr. Philip ‘Sure Shot’ Collopy, pity he wasn’t showing them how to use a nuke. Then the whole stinkin kip would have gone up. Moron. A shit father, a junkie, drug dealing killer. Probably the best thing that ever happened to the kid. People sticking up for him puzzle me, fucking Hitler painted a few nice enough paintings but it’s beside the point. What a disgrace to the tricolour.

  42. I wonder was the house that was shot at in Sean Heuston place last Saturday the same house where Brian Collopy was shot outside in 2006….

  43. i see ye all judgeing some one as though yer all good upstanding citizans, iam not saying he was a good or a bad man, i didnt know him.
    how many of ye can honestly say ye never tried a drug? had a puff off a joint? cos if ye did ye cant afford to talk bout anyone because its the likes of ye who keep people like that in buissness.

    iam always hearing people going om bout the scumbag drug dealers ect ect an there taking the stuff them selves, an they say sure its only a joint.

    or what bout the pub owners, what bout the lives they destroy selling there poision? think how many familys have been destroyed because of alcoholism. just because some thing is legal doesnt make it right.

    think how many deaths have been caused due to alcohol, people loosing there home because a family member drinks all the money.
    so doesnt that make the pub owner just as bad if not worse than mr colopy yer all so keen to tear appart?

  44. It isn’t about pub owners. It’s about Philip Collopy selling heroin.

    If you want to talk about alcohol, we’l do it another day. This is about drug-dealing criminals destroying a city.

  45. i know drug dealing criminals are destroying the city, but wat iam sayn is isnt alcohol just as bad, so why dont people have the same attitude towards pub owners an people selling alcohol?
    u see more young people throwing there lives away over drink than u do herion.
    most nights of the week ud see teenagers huddled in by sum wall or bushes drinking themselves into some condition, so if you ask me thats doing for more damage than drugs.
    but just because its socially acceptable the people who sell it are alowed get away with destroying so many lives. so i see no difference between them and drug dealers, there both destroying the city.

  46. Well and good, but this post isn’t about alcohol. It’s about Philip Collopy, a heroin dealer.

  47. random

    So let me see, Charlie Chawke is just as bad as Philip Collopy? You’re either winding us up or you live so far from reality it’s actually funny.

    The same with the judge that let Jimmy Collins off with the “sausage roll theft” “Ah, what is he in for, theft of a sausage, sure that’s only minor” he went scott free, previous crimes should be brought into it especially when it could prevent someone being murdered by that filthy pig.

  48. You’re right. It’s that kind of faulty thinking that helps the scumbag drug dealers to survive.

  49. Pingback: Dreary Drunks Disgust | Big Mental Disease

  50. i actually met phillip and vincent collopy and they were two very decsent lads,they were fine until those scumbag dundons came back from england stirring shit ,and by the way did anyone notice that all the voilence and murdering peiked when they something to say my no. is ***removed***

  51. people have to realise that all kind of people take drugs and enjoy them,that,s their business,and the collopys delivered this for years it was the scumbag inbread dundons that brought the gun crimes and voilence.

  52. listen “honest chris” supply only meets demand,now im not going to start making idol threats to a blank face like that” its me” mouth just saying between the two i support the collopy,s.

  53. hurting people is never the answer,but the collopys had to fight fire with be honest i am a little more involved than i originally said,but for every action a reaction thats what they told us.let nature take its course,cause it will in peace phillip,god has the last say “always”.

  54. The decent people of Limerick don’t support either bunch of lowlifes.

    Neither gang has contributed anything to this town except pain and heartbreak for the ordinary people trying to bring up their children in peace, and there you are defending them as if they were some kind of benefactors.

    They have given nothing to this town. Nothing at all. They’re parasites. Vampires.

    They’re a cancer on our society.

  55. so lets say your cousin was selling dope does that make him any different than any other drug dealer,you cant be right in thinking he is,and what then would you think if somebody murdered him to take over his i hate the sin not the sinner.

  56. You don’t get it, do you?

    Nobody cares what goes on inside their thick skulls, just like nobody gives a shit what a savage dog thinks.

    If a dog is dangerous, you round it up and put it in a cage,and it’s the same with these scum.

    The law-abiding people don’t care what the scumbags think. They’re sick of paying for their dole and their houses and putting up with their crimes. But you wouldn’t know much about decent society, by the sound of things.

  57. well, i don’t know when we started talking about dogs,but i get your point.different strokes for different folkes i suppose.i actually like you chris, but you have to remember different people live in different societies,and were brought up in different ways,somebody has to do these things,the people that everybody loves to hate,as i said”haTE THE SIN NOT THE SINNER”. anyway that’s life,it takes all kind of people to make the world go round,do you agree?????

  58. No. I wouldn’t. Something that makes our community worse has to be removed by the authorities, whether that thing is water pollution, dumped rubbish or violent criminals.

    These people have nothing to do with the community at large and contribute nothing to our town.

    They are not part of our society and we must reject them to make a better future for our children.

  59. you’re probably right,in fact you are right.i just hate those dundons so much that an enemy of theirs is a friend of mine.i just hate them in a murderous ragefull just wait till they get out of prison,you’ll wish phillip was around to kick their asses,cause the law can’t.they are the real scum,rape they’re own grannies kinda scum.

  60. yes i do agree that drugs,crime and gun voilence are destroying limerick,but hopefully those that murder normal hard working people like roy collins for example are held accountable,and i don’t mean by the law.did you know that dessie,ger and wayne dundon are living it up in wheatfield prison as we speak,they are not afraid of prison they’re up their injecting steroids and running the prison as if they owned accountable i mean a life for a life,usually i wouldn’t think two wrongs make a right but in their cases,i do.that’s why i respected phillip,because he kicked their asses.fight fire with fire,i’m sure the collins family would agree!!!!

  61. Good riddance to bad rubbish. If only every knacker would do us a favour and shoot themselves.

  62. sorry chris,but nobody’s perfect and we”me and you”were having a debate nobody asked him to get in the current climate with jobs and stuff i hold a bit of a stigma towards others comming in and getting involved in our business.

  63. Gary Ward are you something to that scum decky ward? I remember battering the head off him by the canal, he pulled a blade and I litterly took it off him and jabbed him in the ass, hes lucky i wasnt angry enough to shove it up his hole, the only reason he carrys is to hold himself together, he;d fold in half if it wasnt used to straighten him up, plus i fucked his bird loads of times cause he couldnt even get a horn, a HARD man lol.

  64. my friend and i (honest chris is that ok) i have to say i think ye are all full of shit!!!! sorry meant to say we think. so i like yer debate here think its very interesting indeed!!! me myself im all the way for mc carthy/dundon as they remind me of the ira they are pure class!!! so what ye think??? collopy lovers this is the love hour yer time to shine. mother fuckers hit us with some funny stuff!!!!

  65. all the collopys and keanes and treacys are a big pack of handicaps gettin gardai
    protection every where they go the biggest pack of ratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    in ireland afraid of there own shit a pack off fools as for philip all i can say is a clever chap live by the sword die buy your own gun

  66. and another thing there was no shots fired at his funeral the only shots that was fired was the one in his head there was no c.i.r.a involved in shooting as respect whatever brought that up is full of crap there was no shots fired at that wankers funeral a pack of fools brian collopy with his big fat pot belly and overgrown head
    fat clown who got the balls kicked out of him at bannisloe horse fair by a few junkies from dublin and the screams out of him as he runnin for help from the gaurds gettin chased by 3 dublin junkies with horse whips and all brians mates legged it to a proper clown at ratttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  67. There’s a Limerick family, called Collopy
    That sold drugs from their hovel & gallopy
    Now one brother is dead, shot himself through the head,
    Like all thugs the arsehole got sloopy

  68. Really, and you are an authority on the subject. I dont think so to be HONEST with you,, You who cant reply to a post without using swearwords, Cheap shot at being Honest CHRIS

  69. I am however guily of a Typo “Gallopy” instead of “Jallopy” Please forgive me, At least i am honest without insult,,

  70. Yer chris it ant nice when you see thing written about family and remember he has children who one day might read all this resept there thoughts

  71. Maybe his children should think about the heroin addicts he created and how their lives were destroyed. Are the Collopys still dealing smack?

  72. Which do you think will upset them more, this blog or the fact that their father was a heroin dealer who ruined hundreds of lives?

  73. BANG – and the dirt is gone!

    The best home grown move of the year!

  74. often bought and sold racing pigeons off philip and have to say he was sound.met his father jack who was a nice man too.

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